Renée Arts


FAQs about Teen and Adult Art Classes

Q: I don’t have any experience at all in art classes, but I have always wanted to try them out.
A: It is perfectly fine to start beginning drawing class with no previous experience at all. An open mind and attitude are the only prerequisites. We are a process oriented class, with many techniques taught to begin to see and draw as an artist does.

Q: Do I need to take beginning drawing before I take beginning watercolor painting?
A: It is a good idea to have taken some kind of drawing course before learning to do watercolor painting.

Q: Do I have to pay for all the classes ahead of time?
A: Fees for the entire six week session of classes are due on the first day of class. You may credit one missed class to a future session of classes.

Q: Do I provide the art supplies or do you?
A: Because I hope you will practice at home between classes and make art a lifelong journey, I will be giving a materials list for you to purchase before the class session commences.

FAQs about Children’s Art Classes

Q: I don’t think my child has the attention span to take a one hour art class.
A: It probably would be a good idea to wait a year until your child can derive the most benefit from the class and enjoy the process of creating art.

Q: Are all ages of children combined in the same class?
A: Two separate classes will be taught: one for 5-8 year olds and one for 9-12 year olds. Teenagers will be taught in the adult class.

Q: What media are covered in the classes?
A: We explore the media of graphite (pencil), colored pencils, collage, tempera, and watercolor.

Q: Are art supplies covered in the class?
A: Because so many different media are covered, I provide the art supplies, and charge a materials fee the first day of class.

Q: What if my child misses a class?
A: Class fees are paid in full the first day of the session. If your child misses a class, it can be applied to a later session.

FAQs about Commissioned Artwork

Q: Does my commissioned portrait or my pet’s portrait have to be done from real life or from a photo?
A: I always work from a photograph. It does need to be extremely clear, as it is the only reference I have.

Q: Would you be able to paint in a certain color scheme?
A: That can be arranged.

Q: Could you paint from a photo, but change certain things about it?
A: I can change most things, but not the perspective of a house, or the position of the head in a portrait.